In this blog, let’s see about what is Bayes theorem in statistics and what does that means. Bayesian is the one who is the follower of this statistical approach. Before this, we will see about its basics like conditional probability, type of events, etc that is needed to understand the Bayes theorem.

Be a bayesian !! Credits: Google

This image will make sense after knowing this theorem at the end of this blog.

As we all studied in our high school about probability. It tells the likelihood of a specific event can occur. This likelihood is called probability.

Eg: Probability(roll an even no in a six-faced…

Let’s start with the story, how regular expression picked up my interest in short. All computer science students studied or at least came across the term “compiler design”. In that regular expression plays a major role in the portion. I too studied the subject, but I was not picked up there. While doing the ‘Applied data science with python’ course from the University of Michigan in Coursera. The instructor while taking the lecture about regular expression, said that regular expression is one of the important and underrated skills in data science and he can able to take the whole course…

Natural Language Processing:

It is the subfield of artificial intelligence that is used to process, understand, and analyze human language by the machine. There is an enormous amount of applications in NLP like machine translation, speech to text, text to speech recognition, spam message classification, etc,…

In this blog, we are going to see the role of vectors in natural language processing.

Before diving into NLP, let’s see what is a vector in terms of linear algebra


Vector is a list of attributes of an object. In simple terms, it is a list of numbers. …

In this blog we are going to see big data, what is Apache spark and why do we need it?

Big data:

As the name says, big data referred to as the massive amount of data that cannot be stored and processed with the traditional computer system. But how do we define a dataset as big data? It depends on the three components:

  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Variety

Volume: refers to the size of a data file eg: 10GB, 1 TB like that.

Velocity: in which scale the data is producing eg: 1kb/microsecond, 1Mb/s

Variety: refers to the type of the data eg: structure…

In this blog, I’m going to share some of the insights I gained from the course from Coursera by Prof. Andrew Ng. This specialization consists of five separate courses: Neural networks, how to hyper tune the model, structuring machine learning projects, convolutional neural network, and sequence modeling. I am not going to blow by blow of the course. I aim to describe the neural network as a means of fundamental concepts and how they help to build a better model ( as far I know). …

As we all know, statistics is one of the industry knowledge one needs to be a data scientist. In this blog, I’m going to pen down some of the things about the same.

I want to start with my favorite line from the book “Rich dad poor dad “ which is a non-fictional book about personal finance, investing, business, etc. Although that is not related to statistics, I relate that point with statistics.

Here it is

Numbers are not the numbers, but what the numbers are telling you. It’s just like words. It’s not the words, but the story the words are telling you.

For me, the above words give the crystal clear explanation of what is statistics?

As we all came across the phrase machine learning and…

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Data science aspirant loves to read , write , and play with codes and data

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